***2024 IMMI Postponed***

Due to the potential government shutdown, the announcement to postpone the event was made on March 18th in order to ensure we can support our government-funded mounted units. The event will still happen in 2024 and we are in the process of scheduling, new dates and details coming soon!


This FREE to attend event is intended to support these amazing Cavalrymen as they compete for glory in historic Cavalry tasks!

Who: Anyone!

What: Support active-duty military and law enforcement as they compete in historic Cavalry tasks

When: Dates coming soon!

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Why: Keep the history and traditions of the Cavalry alive and bring the mounted units together to build camaraderie!



Q: Is there any cost to attend?

     A: Admission to the arena is FREE to encourage as many people to attend as possible!

Q: What are the competitions?

     A: Thursday is ‘Equitation Day’ where riders compete in precision movements with their mounts to go through a Military Horsemanship Test (similar to dressage) and in a Movement to Contact (obstacle course). Friday will be ‘Combat Day’ featuring Mounted Pistols and Mounted Sabers. Saturday will be the ‘Cavalry Celebration Day’ which will feature the Champion’s Cup in the morning, Wheeled Horse Competition at noon, and then Unit Demonstrations in the afternoon.

Q: Why Las Vegas?

     A: Some of the cheapest flights and accommodations in the States! Plus so much to do outside of supporting these amazing units!

Q: Is there a reunion?

     A: The CHCA wants to partner with all Associations to provide reunion opportunities and aid in supporting these amazing mounted units.


If you have any questions please reach out to us on the “Contact” tab!