Meet the Cavalrymen

The Troopers in these units are assigned to the Cavalry, and while they may come from jobs across the military they all get to live this role as horse-mounted Cavalry Troopers for a short while! These Troopers are not reenactors, role-players, or living historians. They are active-duty military Cavalrymen who truly embrace the unique mission that they have and represent our Armed Forces at events all over the world.

There are currently 7 horse-mounted units in our Active-Duty U.S. Army:

There are also two units in our Marine Corps that share similar mission sets:

  • Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard, Marine Corps Logistics Base from Yermo, California
  • Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in the Sierra Nevada, California

In addition to our Active Duty units, there are also units across the military’s Reserve, National Guard, and State Guard, such as:

We would also like to recognize our brothers and sisters in saddles all over the world! Please message us to help us complete this International Cavalry Section:

  • Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment from London, England
  • Swiss Cavalry Association from Zurich, Switzerland