***2024 IMMI Postponed***

Due to the potential government shutdown, the announcement to postpone the event was made on March 18th in order to ensure we can support our government-funded mounted units. The event will still happen in 2024 and we are in the process of scheduling, new dates and details coming soon!


Compete against Mounted Military Units, Mounted Law Enforcement, and Cavalry Enthusiasts from around the world at the International Mounted Military Invitational!

Apply to Compete! Open to Military, Law Enforcement, and Equestrians of all backgrounds! See below for information on each event

Competitor Information

The purpose of this competition is to be accessible to equestrians of all different backgrounds. To accomplish this, there are minimal requirements of the prescribed uniforms, tack, and equipment.

Uniforms and Attire

  • Equitation Day (Thursday): Uniforms, either historic or modern, for service members and law enforcement. Western or English style clothes for civilian competitors, minimal logos or designs on shirts, and no rips or tears in clothes.
  • Combat Day (Friday): Collared “Team Shirts” with logos, western style shirts, or English style shirts are acceptable. Jeans or breeches are allowed with appropriate footwear.
  • Headgear: While helmets are encouraged, there is no standard or required headgear. Competitors may choose to wear helmets, cowboy hats, Stetsons, or no headgear at all; are all acceptable.
  • Closed toe shoes are required to enter the arena in any capacity.
  • Historic and reenactment uniforms are welcome.

Tack and Equipment

  • While military units ride primarily in McClellan saddles, there is no restriction on the type of saddle in any competition other than it is in presentable condition.
  • Saddlebags and bedrolls are encouraged for Equitation Day, but are not necessary for Combat Day
  • At no point does a rider’s weapon need to be secured to themselves or their tack. This means competitors may enter with their saber or pistol drawn for those events.
Competitive Events

Movement to Contact (Obstacle Course)

  • Rider and horse maneuver through obstacles simulating the route to a battlefield
  • A target time and maximum time on course will vary by level. For example if the target time is 2:30 there are no points added for completing in 1:50 but there is a penalty of 1 point for every second over the 2:30, maximum penalty is 60 points.
  • Obstacles (B – Beginner; I – Intermediate; A – Advanced)
    1. Through a rope gate: B) Gate will be open but narrow, must move through it I) Gate will be closed, must open but can then drop rope and move through  A) Gate will be closed, must move through while maintaining rope, then close back after moving through
    2. Over a bridge: Not changed between levels, all 4 hoofs must touch bridge to get all points
    3. Trot poles x4: B) In straight line I)  In the corner, rider chooses best spot to use for their horse A) Same as Intermediate
    4. Moving the Guidon: B) Pick up the guidon so that the bottom of the guidon is above top of barrel and set back down I) Move guidon to adjacent barrel A) Move guidon to barrel at opposite end of arena in a straight line, no guidon boot required
    5. Pole bending (at any gait): Not changed between levels, 21′ feet apart
  • Level specifications will be posted on same date as courses

Military Horsemanship

  • CHCA Military Horsemanship Tests
  • Beginner: Demonstrate free walk and working walk, post and sit trot, know diagonals, 15 and 20 meter circles, and halt.
  • Intermediate: All Beginner movements at higher proficiency plus canter, know leads, and change diagonal across arena
  • Advanced: All Beginner and Intermediate movements at higher proficiency plus simple and complex lead changes, half circle, rein back, and half turn on haunches

Mounted Sabers

  • Saber Rules and Courses IMMI 2024
  • All eras of Cavalry sabers are authorized. Police batons are authorized for Law Enforcement personnel.
  • Any engagement method is authorized (slash, cut, or point engagements)
  • Types of Targets
    • Cavalry Targets – must be engaged first, will be sandbags filled with hay at 7-8 feet tall, annotated by light circle
    • Infantry Targets – must be engaged after all Cavalry Targets, will be sandbags filled with hay at 4-6 feet tall, annotated by dark circle
    • Specialty Targets – last group of targets to be engaged, annotated by specialty symbol
  • Schooler class will utilize blunt training saber and is a non-competitive class designed for unfamiliar riders and horses to get experience
  • Order of Go: Schooler, Beginner, Intermediate, then Advanced.

Mounted Pistols

  • Pistol Rules and Courses
  • .45 LC only, 6 rounds will be provided at the gate. No competitor provided ammo is authorized.
  • No pistol length requirements
  • All courses will be the same, but classes still exist for scoring fairness
  • Schooler class will complete a dry-fire run is a non-competitive class designed for unfamiliar riders and horses to get experience. This will be the first class to go in competition.
  • Order of Go: Schooler, Beginner, Intermediate, then Advanced.

Champion’s Cup

  • Top competitors from each level compete in a Winner-Takes-All competition
  • Champion’s Cup will include parts of movement to contact, pistols, sabers, and no greater than 18″ jumps
  • Invitation to compete is based on total points across each level
  • Top six (6) riders from Advanced, top three (3) riders from Intermediate, and top rider (1) from Beginner will make the Champion’s Cup
  • Course and Competitors will be published on Friday, March 29th at conclusion of Pistol Competition

Wheeled Horse Competition

  • All units with wagons or caissons will conduct a competition that involves speed of movement and precision with the unit’s wheeled section. Open to horses, mules, and donkeys.

Unit Demonstrations

  • Units will have no more than 30 minutes to showcase their demonstration and/or specialty skills.

NOTE: All horses must be moved out of barn no later than 10AM on Sunday (fiscal penalties apply for tardiness in removing your horse)

Apply to Compete!