CHCA Mission

The mission of the Combat Horsemanship Cavalry Association is to preserve the history of the Cavalry by supporting the military’s remaining horse-mounted units.


Our mission is to ensure that these units have the best support possible in order to succeed. This includes putting on events, promoting events for each unit, advocating for these units with our network of cavalry enthusiasts and active-duty servicemen and servicewomen, and finally, to provide any requested support. For more information on these free-to-attend events, check out the “2024 Events” tab! 


The Cavalry is an iconic branch. Although the horse has been replaced on most battlefields with armored vehicles and machine guns, they still have important roles within our active-duty military. The modern mounted military units are not centralized. Each relies on support from their local trainer, communities, and their military Chains of Command. The mission sets of each unit vary, but all include these key elements: Ceremonial support to their base and their community; Supporting the military’s public relations, recruiting, and retention efforts; Keeping the history and traditions of the horse cavalry alive. 


These units consist of active-duty soldiers, but there is no MOS (military occupational specialty) for equestrians in the United States military. Soldiers come from many different MOS’s to volunteer for these roles, but most have minimal to no horse experience before they join these teams. The hard work, dedication, and initiative of these troopers is evident in their progression as cavalrymen.

Check out each individual team on our “Meet Our Cavalrymen” page!