2024 Events

Introducing the 2024 International Mounted Military Invitational presented by CavHooah!

This page is for general information about upcoming events. Spectator information for the 2024 International Mounted Military Invitational including timeline, FAQs, and more can be found here! Competitor and applicant information for the 2024 International Mounted Military Invitational can be found here!

2024 IMMI Competitions and Descriptions

Movement to Contact

  • An obstacle course with various level-appropriate degrees of moving on horseback

Military Horsemanship

  • Execution of precise movements by a trained horse in response to barely perceptible signals from its rider

Mounted Sabers

  • Engage targets from horseback with a saber or police baton

Mounted Pistols

  • Engage targets from horseback by firing blanks from a .45 LC pistol

Champion’s Cup

  • Top six (6) riders from Advanced, top three (3) riders from Intermediate, and top rider (1) from Beginner will make the Champion’s Cup

Wheeled Horse Competition

  • Units with wagons or caissons will conduct a competition that involves speed and precision with the wheeled section. Open to horses, mules, and donkeys.

Unit Demonstrations

  • Units will have 30 minutes to showcase their demonstration and/or specialty skills. If units intend to participate in this event they must contact our administrators at cavalryactual@nullgmail.com no later than February 26th, 2024.
2024 IMMI Competition Format
  • Active military and law enforcement personnel in mounted units receive first slots, remaining slots will be given on first come – first served basis. Military/ Law Enforcement units must commit by February 10th and pay by March 1st.
  • 6 Competitor Events: Movement to Contact (Obstacle Course), Military Horsemanship (Dressage), Mounted Sabers, Mounted Pistols, Champion’s Cup, and Wheeled Horse Competition
  • 4 Classes in all events: Schooler, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (Schooler class will not be scored)
  • 2 Divisions: Military and Open, this is done to allow Law Enforcement and Civilians to compete while giving our Military the spotlight since these Troopers typically get 2 years or less in these units.
  • Competitors will be scored against others in the same class and Division.
  • The top 5 in the Military Division will earn ribbons, and the top 3 in the open will win ribbons.
  • Overall points for classes will be accumulated across all events
  • Competitors may register in different classes for different events

Registration for Competitors coming soon!